We laughed with joy when we unwrapped this delightfully wacky, pretty, fuzzy creature. My daughter LOVES this cat.

Oh boy do I love this! Got here lightning fast...I will probably buy one for every kid I know this year! Thank you so much!!!!
 Originating as an LA based artist Sarah Flake has been reformed into a Las Vegas plushie production guru with what I have to admit is an elf like capability to make SO MANY quality pieces.  You can't avoid the charm the display exudes, partly, because you are being commanded to the table with the free pins/buttons adorning pictures of the cute Flaky friends, themselves.  Paired with someone asking you what your favorite animal is and then being presented with the plush version of that animal, well, you can't help but spend, at least, part of your night admiring these adorable, affordable take-homes.
 I am a repeat customer. I love these cuddly creations since they have made great gifts for the little ones in my family. Also the prices are very reasonable. :)

Tales of a Stay at Home Mom

Her furry flakey-friends will make an adorable shower gift, birthday present, or just because I thought of you gift. It sure beats running to the store and trying to unsuccessfully pick out a gift from the shelves and shelves of same ole' same ole' items. Her whimsical shop is STOCK full of unique plushies. All of Sarah's animals have a lot of personality and are just adorable!What is so cool about Sarah, the designer, is she works up all her creations from scratch! No patterns, just doodles from her sketchbook, a sewing machine and loads of talent. 
 this was an AMAZING last minute custom order, done super speedily, and with such kindness and compassion! not only that, but it's ADORABLE!!!!!! many many thanks!

Kid Buy Products
Stuffed animals. We have so many, as do most kids that I know. We’ve gotten dozens of stuffed animals over the last three years, and with the exception of one or two stuffed dogs, most of them just sit around in bins, collecting dust. That is, until Nadia met her Flaky Friends.

Sarah Flake is a mother of two with a quirky and fun sense of humor. She creates her Flaky Friends straight out of her own imagination and without a pattern. Each Flaky Friend is one of a kind and has a little story to go along with it. Nadia has played with her two new friends pretty much nonstop. They really seem to appeal to her with their with their uniqueness. She has a bazillion dogs, bears and bunny rabbits, but only one shiny vinyl octopus, and only one cute little friend that she can build beaver dams out of straws for. They go everywhere with her and each has a special spot in bed with Nadia at night.
Sarah has many animals ready to go home with you, and is also willing to make custom animals as well. Nadia and I have our eyes on a camel named Bogart and Lester the giraffe and I also discovered the cutest Bassett Hound on her website today as well. All of Sarah’s creations are “approved” by her two daughters. If they don’t like what she comes up with, she keeps working. I hope that you appreciate Sarah's quirky sense of humor as much as I do. You can check out her creations at her Flaky Friends Etsy shop, or at her Flaky Townwebsite. These will definitely not be our last Flaky Friends! 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little guy! So well made, and so original! Adore your shop! Lovely seller, and great communication! Thanks so much! ^_^ 

OH MY GOSH WHERE DO I START?! The seller is so nice, and her items are to die for! They are adorabe, I know my friend is going to love it, her stuff is adorable and such high quality for a reasonable price! Buy from this seller!!