Customer Photos

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 Some customer love at First Friday-Las Vegas

Killer Goldfish with Catnip is a proven winner with the feline crowd!

 Guests to the workshop always get "the dump" treatment where they are buried in Flaky Friends

 Bethany loves to sleep under a pile of plush, Flaky Friends included!

 Penny's BFF is "Colonel Fuzzy Bum" who shares her geekiness

A birthday cake made to look like "Sweet Pea" by fan, Brooke!

JP's mustachioed friends

Toby the Cat versus the Evil Eye

At Summerlin Trails Village ArtWalk with two crazy monkeys.

A pink monster corsage custom made to match a prom outfit - stinkin' darling!

Everyone needs a little 'stache now and then.  Iron on mustache patch does the trick!

Little Max holding the first ever Lester the Tijuana Circus Giraffe.